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5 LOCAL beaches in Guanacaste you have to visit

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Riley Jackson
Riley Jackson
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This video takes you to 5 local beachesIn this video we're going to take you around five beaches in the Las Catalinas and Potrero area. First up is one of our personal favorite beaches in the area. This is Playa Penca and this is actually a beach really close to Potrero. It has lovely tan sand, you can swim at the north end of the beach where it's a little calmer and it's definitely a recommended beach to visit when you're in Las Catalinas. The second beach we want to share with you guys is another one of our favorites and we do recommend a high car to get there, especially in rainy season as the turn off the main road is a bit of a drop.This beach is called Prieta and it's right next to Playa Penca and it's a popular beach with locals as it has a lot of shades to sunbathe, relax and on good days, you can find locals skimboarding here. An extra trip for Playa Prieta is that there is a viewpoint off the road. You can find it on Google Maps as Mirador Playa Prieta. If you keep walking down the path, you can get other coastal views of Potrero.Continuing along the same road, the next beach to visit is a bit under the radar due to the access.Behind me is Sugar Beach, this beach is right next to Prieta and this is the public access.If you're not a guest at hotel Sugar Beach, you have to park your car along the side of the road and walk about 5 minutes to get to the beach. When we visited, there were only 2 other people there so this is a really nice option for those who want a beach all to themselves. And now we'll show you the last two beaches on our list. From this spot, we're going to visit two beaches. On my right is Danta and on my left is Dantita. First, we're going to check out Danta and then we're going to go check out Dantita which is a little less than a half mile away.Playa Danta is the main beach of the Las Catalinas town, the new up and coming Mediterranean inspired beach town built on sustainable and environmentally friendly principles. From the parking lot, Playa Danta is just a short 5 minute walk away where visitors can swim in the warm and calm waters.Playa Dantita however takes a bit more work to get to. It's a .7 kilometer or around half a mile walk going up and around a hill through the dry forest. Along the hike, there are some nice viewpoints for photos. We visited in March, in the peak of dry season so make sure to bring plenty of water and drinks.Dantita beach is small, with dark sand and calm waters, perfect for a refreshing swim after the sweaty hike. And that is our video on beaches to visit around Las Catalinas and the Potrero area.

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