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8 mins Morning Gratitude Meditation - SOMA Breath & Music Journey

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard
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(credits: SOMA Breath) ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXRRgBLcTUw
When you align with the frequency of gratitude, you’re also resonating with the frequencies of abundance and positivity. Practice this 8 mins Morning Gratitude Meditation daily so you can live a life of abundance and prosperity.------------Join a FREE Masterclass to Supercharge Your Immunity, Self-Healing, Happiness, Manifestations & All Aspects of Your Life 👉https://www.somabreath.com/som....a-awakening-meditati to become a SOMA Breathwork Instructor here 👉 https://www.somabreath.com/bre....athwork-facilitator- more about SOMA Breath®️ 👉 https://www.somabreath.com/#About SOMA Breath®️SOMA Breath®️’s overall mission is to empower people with knowledge, tools, and techniques to make positive and lasting change in their lives. SOMA Breath®️ techniques have the power to transform someone even down to a cellular level. SOMA Breath®️, considered as a whole, with its range of possible uses and applications, is a framework for total life transformation.SOMA Breath®️ is a holistic school and community, with no single guru. Not even Niraj! The SOMA Breath®️ tribe is encouraged to network and support each other in their paths. Everyone is welcome to share and discuss new wisdom, knowledge, skills, and insights: we aim to empower a global community of brilliant, creative minds, so that as the tribe grows, you do too!SOMA Breath®️ is a complete holistic system of Pranayama techniques, which can be arranged into different sequences depending on the type of workshop you are attending as well as tailored to your specific needs. There is no one size fits all, and we take into account the fact that everyone is different and requires different breathing techniques depending on their needs. SOMA Therapeutic Breathwork techniques are the core Pranayama techniques that have the most scientific evidence to support their function.🔴 Safety Information:Do not practice this breathwork during pregnancy, or if you are epileptic. People with cardiovascular issues or other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting breathwork. These breathing exercises are a guide only, you should always listen to your own body and not push yourself, if you feel unwell STOP. Never practice breathing exercises before or during diving, driving, swimming, taking a bath, or in any other circumstance where the loss of consciousness could result in bodily harm. Deep breathing may cause tingling sensations, a ringing in the ears, and/or light-headedness. These are normal responses and are no cause for alarm. If you faint, however, you have gone too far and should take it more slowly next time.#SOMABreath #breathworkhealing #breathworktraining #breatheasy #breathedeep #breatheinbreatheout #breathwork

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