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Financials Sector Folio In The CrowdPoint Buttonwood Ecosystem - 7 of 11

⁣Financials = FS
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The Global Industry Classification Standard used by Morgan Stanley defines the consumer discretionary sector and industry that includes companies involved in banking, thrifts & mortgage finance, specialized finance, consumer finance, asset management and custody banks, investment banking and brokerage and insurance. It also includes Financial Exchanges & Data and Mortgage REITs. Using CrowdPoint’s next generation Blockchain all members of the ecosystem benefit from the transparency, speed and immutable transactions associated with banks, thrifts and mortgage finance. It also includes organizations that work within diversified financial services, consumer finance, capital markets, real estate investment trusts and insurance.
Our mission is to horizontally and vertically unite financial services, consumer finance, capital markets, REITS and Insurance Products on our NexGen Blockchain in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Financial Sector Experience for your HUMAN IDENTITY.

Blockchain Ecosystem = BE

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