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Healthcare Exchange Folio In The CrowdPoint Buttonwood Ecosystem - 6 of 11

⁣Health Care = HS
6 of 11
The Global Industry Classification Standard used by Morgan Stanley defines the health care sector and industry that includes health care providers & services, companies that manufacture and distribute health care equipment & supplies, and healthcare technology companies. It also includes companies involved in the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products. Using CrowdPoint’s next generation Blockchain all members of the ecosystem benefit from the transparency, speed and immutable transactions associated with health care equipment, supplies, providers, services and technology. It also includes biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and tools and services.

Our mission is to horizontally and vertically unite healthcare equipment, supplies, providers, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and health care related Products on our NexGen Blockchain in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Health Experience for your HUMAN IDENTITY.

⁣Blockchain Ecosystem = BE

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Larry Hudson

2 years ago
Thanks for this. Still needs music.
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Linda Olney Sikes

2 years ago
What a great time to be alive and be part of this amazing company!
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