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Jerry Marzinsky Part 1 of 3.mp4

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Jerry Marzinsky
Jerry Marzinsky
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⁣7-13-23 The Modern Mental Health Crisis
In this episode, we welcome
Jerry Marzinsky. This conversation is a deep exploration of mental
health, psychology, and psychiatry with the renowned retired
psychotherapist, Jerry Marzinsky. With over four decades of experience,
Jerry takes us on a journey into the minds of psychotic and criminally
insane patients. We discussed his time working at one of the world's
largest psychiatric hospitals, the questionable role of big pharma in
psychiatry, and the controversial chemical imbalance theory.
sheds light on schizophrenia, revealing his groundbreaking findings from
working closely with inmates in prison. He unravels the patterns of
paranoid schizophrenia and the manipulation tactics that the 'voices'
use to control their victims. This conversation also examines the
alarming effects of meth, often referred to as the 'devil's drug,' and
its role in exacerbating psychotic symptoms.
Rounding off our
discussion, we critically analyze the Western mental health system,
highlighting its significant flaws and the impact of big pharma on
mental health treatments. We also explore the work of John Mace, a
self-taught psychiatrist who believes that memories are energy and that
trauma leaves a lasting impact. Join us as we question the status quo
and seek to understand the human mind's intricate complexities!
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Interview also found at:
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Rumble: https://rumble.com/v2zpqxm-thg....-episode-129-the-mod
BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1U454rpedB50/
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