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Live in Costa Rica - Relocation Retreat - Is Costa Rica Right For You? 7 Day Event

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Riley Jackson
Riley Jackson
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#relocationtour #retreat #movingtocostarica 'Live in Costa Rica Relocation Retreat - Is Costa Rica Right For You? 7 Day Event' ALL INFO and DATES are HERE- https://www.travelcostaricanowretreat.com/NEXT 2 Relocation Retreats-Relocation Tours w/michael alan and friends 19th - 25th January (Friday - Thursday) 2023 5th - 11th March (Sunday - Saturday) 2023SUNSET DEL MAR RESORT, ESTILLEROS ESTE, COSTA RICAHey Guys, michael alan here,First, my 2 promises to YOU. 1) There will be no, 'blowing smoke' about the good, the bad and the ugly about moving and living in Costa Rica... and especially by me ;) 2) By the end of the 'Relocation Retreat', you will absolutely, 100% know if Costa Rica is right for you.By now, you've seen how incredibly affordable and life-changing moving to Costa Rica seems to be…And how many different ways this relocation can improve your life.You can already imagine yourself escaping from the chaos of what became the “American way of life”... moving down here very soon... indulging in the wildest travel adventures... and finally, living your best life.You’ve been thinking for a while about simply running away from everything that bothers you... escaping to a place so blissful, yet so awesomely “below the radar”…That it would cost you next to nothing, compared to what you’d pay in the U.S. for the same sunny-and-carefree lifestyle.But at the same time, you also have this gut feeling it can't be all roses…Because you’ve seen plenty of stories online from expats who regretted moving to Costa Rica and left the country just a few months after arriving. - Do you dread the possibility of making such a life-changing move only to regret it later and have to go back home embarrassed of your “naivety”? - Do you really want to discover not only the good parts about moving to Costa Rica… but also the harsh challenges most relocation experts don’t advertise, and most expats never find out until living here for a few months?-Have you tried to find unbiased information everywhere, yet got only hyped-up publications selling you a pitch-perfect country, without mentioning any caveats at all?If so, this may be the most exciting invitation you’ve ever received.Join the ONLY seminar about moving to Costa Rica that brings together MULTIPLE high-level relocation specialists for an immersive 7-day experience.That will get you fully briefed and educated — no sugarcoating — on what it's like to actually live in Costa Rica as an expat from all kinds of different perspectives.And you can be sure we’ll give you unbiased information because MANY of our speakers will have nothing to sell you!They’ll be there exclusively to answer your questions and help you dodge devastating mistakes most expats make when they try to figure everything out on their own.In other words: this is NOT another event in which the sole purpose of the speakers is to make you buy something from them by the end of the training.Just some of the things you will learn at the Relocation Seminar-Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:- THE TRUTH ABOUT THE REAL COST OF LIVING IN COSTA RICA. What most relocation consultants don’t tell you about the actual cost of food, groceries, rent…- THE TRUTH ABOUT CRIME IN COSTA RICA. Is it really safe? Do home invasions actually happen? PLUS, the safest areas to live in.- What “International Living” and other industry behemoths don’t tell you about moving to Costa Rica that can make or break your relocation.- Why after two years of living in Costa Rica, over 50% of expats move back home — and how to prevent it from happening to you.- How to live a life of luxury in Costa Rica without having to earn a dime more of what you're currently making in the U.S.- How to make yourself safer than 89% of other expats that move to Costa Rica, and avoid getting tricked by evil scammers.- The easiest and fastest way to get an immigration visa to Costa Rica.-The single most important document you must check before buying any property in Costa Rica. Hint: without this one thing, you won’t be even allowed to begin construction for years.- A proven method to avoid “gringo pricing” and NEVER overpay for anything! It works when buying a car, or property, getting rent deals…- How and where to rent or buy a car in Costa Rica for the best prices (and how to keep your “Marchamo” annual tax at a much lower rate).- How and where to rent or buy property in Costa Rica for the best prices.- Does corruption still happen in Costa Rica? Yes, it does. But it’s not all the time, and we’ll show you how to avoid getting into the few situations where government officials might expect bribes.- The cheapest and safest way to get your dog or cat in the country without traumatizing the pet.And much MUCH MORE.This is it. The Relocation Tour that will help you make the decision of a lifetime. Maybe it is time to pull the trigger ;)Questions/Comments info@travelcostaricanow.com

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