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Past Lives, Atlantis & The 9 Dimensions Explained w/ Matías De Stefano | Know Thyself Podcast EP

227 Views· 03/25/23
Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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Matías De Stefano has become known as someone who remembers all of his past lives, and everything that happened in between. Today he explains what it is like to remember, what past lives actually are, and what happens in death. He recalls Atlantian times, and how the past is informing our current times - reflecting on the possibility of a 3rd world war, and how we can move into a frequency of harmony as a collective. He also breaks down the 9 dimensional reality, origin of humans, and simple practices for inner transformation.

0:00 Intro
4:11 Matías’ Mission
6:35 Remembering Past Lives
18:07 Space in Between Lives
22:22 Trust in Self
25:28 Past Informs Present Times
29:31 World Peace? Or World War?
43:09 How Big is the Universe
48:04 9 Dimensional Reality
1:01:09 Raising Your Vibration
1:11:12 Origin of Humans - Aliens?
1:17:05 Atlantis
1:22:50 Group Activations in Egypt
1:33:24 Miracles
1:39:11 3 Practices for Transformation
1:47:13 Conclusion


Matías De Stefano:

At the age of 21, Matías De Stefano began to transmit his particular vision of understanding reality, helping thousands of people to have a different perspective of our environment and ourselves. His philosophical worldview can be translated as: “Heaven on Earth.” It is a concept explaining how we are creators of our own reality, as well as giving us the tools to be able to transcend it. He is currently developing new materials to help us understand the world and our role in it.

Website: https://www.matiasdestefano.org/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matiasgustavodestefano/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ghancaA


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Coach Kam
Coach Kam 9 months ago

It is a great thing that Dr. B got a chance to learn about Matias. His teachings and knowledge are a blessing just like you Dr. B. You will be missed

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kamille 11 months ago

Incredible talk. I am that I am. Much love to Matias De Stefano for being so genuine. Have been watching him on Gaia for few years now.

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Thao Tran
Thao Tran 11 months ago

Wow! What mind-blowing materials, Dr. B ! Thank you for sharing this video! It gives me a new level of understanding about who we are as human beings. I love it!

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Arlene Coffey, CDT, LD
Arlene Coffey, CDT, LD 11 months ago

This video won't play for me😬

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