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The Greatest Remedy | Dr Edward Group interviews Dr Rashid A Buttar

5,924 Views· 11/07/22
Dr Edward Group, DC
Dr Edward Group, DC
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1679795253803289 3 days ago

i can't believe Dr. Buttar wouldn't know that there is no effective test for covid19!!!

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Rita LaFleur
Rita LaFleur 19 days ago

This was terrific Dr, Group thank you and Dr. Buttar for doing this.

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MTBlumie 2 months ago

I have learned SO MUCH from this recording & Dr Buttar has continued to add valuable material to the amazingly affordable purchase.

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Constance 2 months ago

Eternal wisdom, stay strong, remain focused, continue to believe in and reinforce our potential, promise

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Redemption Ministry
Redemption Ministry 2 months ago

I love this talk, and hopeful sharing!!!

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