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Tom Hanks Exposes Oprah's Evil Real Estate Plan In Maui Hawaii

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Tom Hanks Exposes Oprah's Evil Real Estate Plan In Maui Hawaii
As Maui reckons with one of the deadliest wildfires in recent U.S history, more and more theories and speculations keep arising and the recent target has been Tom Hanks who has been linked with Oprah on Shady businesses that might be going on in Maui. As the residents of Maui awake to another day of Destruction caused by the devastating wildfire that has claimed lives and left hundreds homeless, many are wondering where the Island's richest landowners are and why most are choosing to remain silent amid the fires. You see entire families who've lost every single thing they have and they're living on the air mattress and a cot and a chair. As you might already know, Oprah, worth 2.5 billion dollars, owns nearly 2,000 acres of land on Maui and has been living there part-time for 15 years and recently she also bought 860 acres in March this year for 6.6 million dollars it has been alleged that none of Oprah's properties has been scathed by the fire and this has also supposedly been the case for Tom Hanks who has been alleged to also own a property in Maui.

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Questions have sprung up on why these celebrities' houses didn't burn when Lahaina, one of the most wanted residential areas in Maui, has. Most of the locals in Lahaina have over the years refused to sell their land to these billionaires who have been snatching up lands in Maui. Owning 2,000 acres of someone else's land, someone else's safe. When Oprah visited the affected area and talked about renovating the place after the fire, conspiracy theories latched onto her words claiming that the fire might have allegedly been planned by elites to snatch up Lahaina which is worth billions. They claimed that Oprah and her billionaire friends like Tom Hanks saw an opportunity to get more land from the locals and they took it. Lahaina Front Street is worth billions. The Hawaiians that have been holding out and the Kanaka have been holding out for years not wanting to sell their property in Lahaina. The theorists claimed the fire was allegedly started by energy weapons and this theory has actually gained a lot of traction on social media. An offshoot of the directed energy weapons claims is that the Maui wildfires were started deliberately by wealthy

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