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Jerry Marzinsky
Jerry Marzinsky
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⁣There is a growing group of people who specialize
in the releasing of negative, parasitic spirits (the voices
schizophrenic's hear). This flies in the face of psychiatry's edict
that the voices are mere hallucinations. After several decades of
study, Jerry Marzinsky, a front line psychotherapist, found that these
voices run clear, repeatable and predictable patterns and were not at
all random as are hallucinations. If they run patterns, they cannot be
hallucinations. It was also discovered that if these voices could be
gotten rid of by any means all symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia
vanished with them. This finding reveals the true cause of paranoid
schizophrenia and is a clear indication that psychiatry and big pharma
are way off base. The expensive and often toxic psychiatric meds they
are dishing out cure absolutely nothing. The voices are energetic
entities and trying to get rid of them with physical drugs is akin to
pouring Thorazine onto a magnetic field and expecting it to disappear.
You can't treat an energetic malady with physical drugs and expect it to
disappear. This explains why the vast majority of schizophrenics
continue to hear voices even after taking these expensive drugs which
cure absolutely nothing. (Visit Jerry Marzinsky's website at: for more information.)


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