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What They Don't Want You To See

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Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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⁣The hidden meaning behind hr6666

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revealedforyou 9 months ago

Viruses don't exist, much less the Corona Virus.

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Kim Outten
Kim Outten 10 months ago

Holly Sh@#! It is unbelievable how long this has gone on! People need to wake up now! We are in the midst of a mass genocide and people are going right on watching netflix.....

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Fair Game Productions
Fair Game Productions 10 months ago

Thank God for those like Dr Buttar, that stand for the truth - as we know, it's out there- seek and ye shall find.

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jerseymame976 1 year ago

False positives, false testing results- what BS
violently oppose all lies and learn the Truth

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KD1979 1 year ago

A big gratitude to Dr. Buttar for your amazing and brave work that inspiring and encourages other people to stand for freedom for humanity. Thank you so much for caring for us, Dr. Buttar. God bless you abundantly!

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