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While Writing Anti-Islam Book He Became Muslim! - The Story of Joram Van Klaveren

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Today we shot a video with joram van klaveren. How did Joram Van Klaveren became a Muslim? He told us his journey of becoming muslim. How was his life in regards to faith? Joram van Klavaren got over 2000 death threats. He couldn't sleep for it for two days. Anti islamist politician became a muslim. Joram van klavaren anti islamist. Anti islamist politician converted to islam. Member of Freedom Party has became a Muslim. Joram van klavaren was wanted to write anti islam book. Interesting story of Joram van Klavaren becoming a Muslim. How did an anti-Islam politician become a Muslim? How is Islamophobia in Europe? Joram Van Klaveren shares his story of how he became Muslim. Dutch former politician converted to islam. Why people in europe becoming muslim? Reverting to islam. Muslim writer in europe is Islam. Muslims in europe. islamafobia. islamafobia in europe. Is islamafobia increasing in europe?

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00:00 Intro
01:42 How was your life in regards to faith? What did you believe in?
03:09 How and why did you decide to write an anti-Islamic book?
05:52 What resources did you use while doing your research?
09:33 What surprised you the most while doing your research?
10:46 Shahada moment
12:36 What was the reaction of the people around you? When you became muslim?
15:28 How did you feel when you made your first Salah?
15:52 What were the three biggest challenges you faced when you converted to Islam?
16:48 Are you raising your kids as muslim?
17:29 What was your heaviest and most regretful expression that you used for Islam?
18:42 How should people research about Islam?
19:42 What would you like to say as your final comments?

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