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Woman Debilitated 3 Days After Vaccine Dose Suing Biden for Censorship | Facts Matter

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard
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"Censorship has never been on the right side of history." -Dr Rashid Buttar
LINK BELOW [My video didn't upload, tech difficulty on my end, here is the link and information to this very eye opening story]: ⁣https://www.theepochtimes.com/....woman-debilitated-3-
"⁣Three days after receiving her second dose of the Moderna vaccine, Nikki Holland of Tennessee experienced a debilitating series of symptoms which left her unable to walk, breathe, or eat. And after years of having her condition minimized by doctors, and censored by social media, she tells us her full story." (credits: Roman Balmakov, FACTS MATTER, Epoch Times)

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