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BEMER Blood flow - BEMER= Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard
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(video credits: Dr Joshua Berka, NMD)
PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic fields) a patented wave signal that benefits micro circulation. Critical to good health maintenance and also healing. https://sharon-5.bemergroup.com
For more information please 'message' me, click the above message symbol. I am a distributor and will be happy to answer any questions about the BEMER. [After breaking my foot and toes, visiting an orthepedic surgeon and pediatrist, my bones had healed but not the tissue. I didn't want shots of cortisone so I tried the BEMER- Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation. It healed my foot when nothing else worked!] ⁣https://clikview.com/@SharonLeonard

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