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EMF Inspection with Jim Crawmer: What are EMFs? What is EMR? | Conners Clinic Live

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⁣Lead Practitioner and Kinesiologist Michelle Hamburger, CNHP interviews Jim Crawmer of www.EMFInspecting.com - Jim and his wife LaRae run an EMF inspection and consulting business in Minnesota where they are experts at helping homeowners and business owners create a safer environment through EMF and EMR remediation. Michelle and Jim discuss the basics of EMF and EMR, and Jim has some anecdotes to share that may surprise you!⠀

To Contact Jim and LaRae Crawmer⠀
Website - www.EMFInspecting.com
Email - Safety@EMFInspecting.com⠀
Phone - 651-230-9429⠀

Resources on the Dangers of EMF:⠀

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