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Functional Medicine: Root Causes & Finding Disease with Dr Akiba Green | Conners Clinic Live

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⁣What is Functional Medicine, and how does it differ from traditional medicine, or even chiropractic and naturopathy? In episode 3 of Conners Clinic Live Dr Kevin Conners interviews his old friend Dr Akiba Green and they discuss all things Functional Medicine, finding disease before conventional medicine, and more.⠀

Dr Akiba Green has similar post-graduate studies as Dr Conners, including Functional Medicine and Integrative Cancer. At his clinic in North Carolina he provides Functional Neurology, Integrative Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Brain-Based Therapy, and more. Much like here at Conners Clinic, Dr Green takes a holistic approach to finding the CAUSE of disease 💚⠀

To learn more about Dr Akiba Green visit: https://DrAkibaGreen.com⠀

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