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Issues With 5G and EMF's Resulting In Nightmares - Dr Rashid A Buttar

140 Views· 11/15/22
Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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Dr Buttar explains the issues with 5G and EMF's and why we need to be at the very least, aware of these issues. Once you know the issues, half the battle is already won! From there, practical solutions will be presented that have had an unprecedented result in improving the lives of people suffering from these very same issues and allowing them to not only survive, but actually thrive.

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Eva Almendres
Eva Almendres 3 months ago

Brilliant summary of this dreadful situation, everyone should comprehend soon rather than late.

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Larry Hudson
Larry Hudson 4 months ago

Great interview. Thank you Dr Buttar for continuing to share the truth with the world.

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Timothy Adler
Timothy Adler 4 months ago

Excellent information here, Thank you Dr B for sharing!

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 4 months ago

Great interview, thank you Dr Buttar. Many people are reacting to 5G it's really bad. It needs to be stopped. Thank you for spreading the word.

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