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It's Time To Wake up (Part 1 of 4) - Dr Rashid A Buttar

906 Views· 08/17/22
Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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⁣Viewed 1,315,755 times in the first 24 hours ⁣after being posted before being deleted ⁣by YouTube for "violating community guidelines". One of 89 videos viewed more than a million times in the first 24 hours after being posted before being deleted by YouTube, the "guardians of information".

Part 1 of a 4 part series of vital information everyone should know. Watch all 4 parts. Leave a comment if you feel this video violated community guidelines or what you thought of it, or if you have any strong feelings regarding censorship!⁣ Especially watch Part 2 of 4, which was the one part most watched! Don't miss it.

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Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 2 months ago

Dr. Buttar, I know that this video was published quite a while ago but I feel your frustration with what went on then and continues to go on now.

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John Hern
John Hern 4 months ago

Correction...folks at Youtube are "guardians of misinformation". And now Factcheck (Fakecheck) also confirms all thier errors....are OPINIONS!!! (Lets not be stupid anymore people).

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HappyAber 6 months ago

Self diagnosis of incoming https://ugetube.com/watch/how-....i-use-3-oximeters-pe

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Gayle 6 months ago

How come the video you were going to show won't play

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Crystal Constance
Crystal Constance 6 months ago

So many people are blind to the truth. It's all a staged act with the media and politics to keep people under their spells.

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