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The Truth About The 2nd Wave (Bill Gates, Dr Fauci) - Dr Rashid A Buttar

4,034 Views· 08/15/22
Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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Viewed 1,834,569 in the first 24 hours after being posted before being deleted ⁣by YouTube for "violating community guidelines". ⁣One of 89 videos viewed more than a million times in the first 24 hours after being posted before being deleted by YouTube, the "guardians of information".

Dr Buttar exposes the real truth of when the 2nd wave of the Virus will happen. Leave a comment if you feel this video violated community guidelines or what you thought of it, or if you have any strong feelings regarding censorship!

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Martina Schmidt von der Lieth

Watching old videos just confirms to me how lucky I was to find Dr. Buttar before this entire drama started.

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Maryam Sukaynah
Maryam Sukaynah 4 months ago

Bless you❤️

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Gayle 4 months ago

Watching older videos and remembering showing my elderly mom. She said he's a smart man and no way let the government tell you what to read,who to talk to dont let them take your books ,hide your guns and never ever walk in front of a loaded one. O ya and don't take that damn vaccine. I haven't. She also said he has kind eyes. Will always be thankful for all his teachings

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Diane Rose
Diane Rose 4 months ago

It is so easy to say no after all the evidence!!!

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Charlotte Bice
Charlotte Bice 5 months ago

Always say No to their recommendations! Know God is in control.

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