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Why Doctor Martin Stood Up Against COVID

900 Views· 08/19/22
Dr David E. Martin
Dr David E. Martin
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Why Dr. Martin had to stand up against the government and the covid agenda.

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NDN native No Damn Narrative

thank you for your work

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rgiresi 2 years ago


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Sylvia Cromwell
Sylvia Cromwell 2 years ago

Our current health system dehumanizes us & isn’t about health; it’s about managing disease and death. This needs to change and our entire health system needs to be revamped

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Jill Gordon
Jill Gordon 2 years ago

Thank you for your courage!
It's just so sad that you're not taught to just help heal anymore:(.

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Stephen Karanja
Stephen Karanja 2 years ago

Management of disease and death. Not health care. It is scary.

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