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Ron DeSantis’ wife releases ‘powerful’ campaign ad

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Ron DeSantis’ wife Casey has released a “powerful” campaign-like advertisement which details how her husband was there to “pick her up” during her breast cancer battle.Florida’s First Lady was diagnosed with cancer in October last year and was declared cancer free in March.The video comes ahead of the Florida Gubernatorial race which will take place on November 8.Ron DeSantis is seeking re-election where he will face off against Democrat Charlie Crist.

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Charlotte Bice
Charlotte Bice 8 months ago

Anyone who's been "awake" through everything that's been going on - knows what a good guy he is!

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Debra Sexton
Debra Sexton 12 months ago

Thought provoking, personal, raw and powerful message from Casey DeSantis! Thanks for sharing dtwalsh!

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Larry Hudson
Larry Hudson 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this.

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