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⁣Do you know anyone who died from C-V-D-Nine-Teen?

Do you know anyone who suffered from that for weeks on end or longer?

Do you know anyone who died from the C-V-D jab?

Do you know anyone who contracted myocarditis, autoimmune disease, Guillain barre syndrome, or any of the other list of side effects of that jab?

Do you know anyone who lost their job or was forced to take that jab?

Do you know what the long term effects (2 years, 5 years, 10 years down the line)from that jab are?

Do you know that NONE of that was EVER necessary and should’ve NEVER occurred?

Did you know that the NIH, NIAID, WHO, CDC, and Media ALL knew of a cheap, easy, safe, and quick cure that was already on the market and even won a Nobel Prize for its effectiveness at saving lives?

Did you know that ALL of the top experts in their field were speaking out loudly to tell everyone to use this medicine, but our own government instructed the media and social media platforms to censor and deplatform these life saving doctors?

Does this infuriate you ?

It better !!

The greatest crime against humanity ever committed in modern history… WATCH THIS…

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Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus

2 years ago
I do know someone who died from C19 ... though I really think that what he died from was the meds they gave him in the hospital.

As far as suffering for weeks on end or longer from that, I did. (Not hospitalized.) And when I started taking ivermectin (the horse version) it started getting better.
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Sharon Leonard

2 years ago
Fantastic post, thank you! Thank heavens for Joe Rogan!!
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2 years ago
His platform opened a lot more eyes for sure !!
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