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Liver Phase 1 (HEP1)- AHEAD MAP Explained

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Dr Ashton
Dr Ashton
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⁣Gotta love your Liver!

The Liver is considered a primary organ of detox on the AHEAD Map and is responsible for metabolizing and detoxifying what you take into your body (pollutants, insecticides, pesticides, food additives, drugs alcohol, etc.) as well as metabolic end products within your body (hormones, etc.).

HEP1 on the AHEAD Map focuses on Phase 1 Detoxification which contains the cytochrome P450 system that prepares compounds by modifying and or making them more water soluble for Phase 2 Detoxification.

If HEP1 is one of the top 3 highest organ scores for you, you should pay it special attention and give it extra love (support it nutritionally!) to ensure it is being supported and can keep doing what it is designed to do- which is keep you healthy!

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jordansurfer 1 year ago

Short, to the point and informational.

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Healthnana 1 year ago

Short and sweet!

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Debra Sexton
Debra Sexton 1 year ago

Love your short, well spoken and informative videos on the different organs and glands the AHEAD Map addresses! Great job!

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Larry Hudson 1 year ago

Thank you!

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