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More Vaccinated Deaths Than Unvaccinated Deaths From Covid.

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Dr. John Campbell
Dr. John Campbell
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⁣58% of covid US deaths now in the vaccinated

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Gayle 20 days ago

I'm so untrusting
I don't trust the CDC but I'm thankful to you for thus information.

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Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 28 days ago

Hello Dr. John Campbell! Great to see you here. I have been viewing your videos on YouTube for the last year or so. Thank you for a balanced presentation of the facts. I am glad that you are able to work in the world now. We get out the information at different levels. Your voice continues to be necessary in today's world.

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Maria's News
Maria's News 1 month ago

Thank you for speaking the truth. I've posted a few of your videos to get the word out before your arrival on Clikview. Welcome and thank you again!

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Douglas sales
Douglas sales 2 months ago

My bitch doctor made me get vaccinated

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Michael Forke
Michael Forke 2 months ago

Thank you Dr. Campbell. Your information contribution gives us yet another reason to seek the truth. This smells like covert mass geocide.gov

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