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Natural Pain Relief: Chronic Inflammation vs Acute Pain | Conners Clinic Live

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⁣In this episode of Conners Clinic Live, Dr Kevin Conners answers a question he received from a patient: What are the best options for natural pain relief? Dr Conners discusses the difference between dealing with long-term, chronic pain/inflammation and immediate, acute pain.⠀

First off, anyone with cancer will want to stay away form morphine, fentanyl, or other opioids if at all possible but to the side effects (we’re not only talking about constipation here, they can also damage cell membranes!)⠀

Inflammation can be assuaged using herbs like Curcumin, boswellia, white willow bark, ginger, and batalains. Products we have custom formulated to this end include Curcu-Clear, ClearInflam, as well as Evolv Immune’s Limitless. Limitless is a fantastic product that we recommend for many patients, see our previous episode with Brian Morgan where Dr Conners discusses this specific product: {link})⠀

High Dose CBD products (with no THC) can be very effective for pain relief as well. Sometimes moving into THC products is necessary, however many states do not allow this legally. Often smoking or baking marijuana into food is the best/easiest way to reduce pain.⠀

Curcu-Clear: https://shop.connersclinic.com/produc...
Clear-Inflam: https://shop.connersclinic.com/produc...
Evolv Limitless: https://shop.connersclinic.com/produc...

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