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Nikola Tesla 369 - Tesla 369 - 369 - Nikola Tesla - 369 Tesla - 369 Nikola Tesla - 3 6 9 Tesla

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This video explains the 369 Theory of Tesla also called as Tesla Code 369. The 3 6 9 theory by Nikola Tesla explains the secret code of the universe, which can be used to understand the mysteries of the universe. The video also explains how to find digital root of a number. (Digital root method).
After watching the video, you will understand how our whole universe is controlled by numbers 3, 6 and 9 and how they are present everywhere in the universe.
You will also know how the numbers 3, 6, 9 represent a higher dimensional world while rest of the numbers belong to our three-dimensional world.
I will also discuss, how number 9 is the controller of all the other numbers and how it can control even space and time?
Nikola Tesla, the greatest mind of all the time and also a man of mysteries said that- if you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe !
Had he found some code of the universe?
Here I will provide many mathematical and physical evidences and examples to prove, how the number 9 is present everywhere and is the controller of all the other numbers and the universe.
Our universe is so mathematical, almost everything in nature is highly symmetrical and follows geometrical patterns. We can see these patterns in the form of golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence present in many things in nature.
Everything is made up of particles and if we go deeper at even more microscopic level, we reach into the quantum world, which is pure mathematics.
All the Living things in this world are made up of cells. Multicellular organisms are formed by the division of a single cell. A single cell divides into 2 cells, then after division of both the cells we get 4 cells, then 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 cells are produced. In this way the doubling sequence continues and finally we have a full multicellular organism.
According to some researchers, numbers- 1, 2, 4, 8, 7 and 5 represent our three dimensional world where we live in while numbers 3 6 9 belong to a higher dimensional world.
Whether we double or half the numbers, if we start with number 3, we get numbers 3 and 6 only.
Even if we double or half the numbers starting from number 6, we will get the same numbers 3 and 6 every time. But surprisingly even this time 9 is absent in the sequence.
Actually number 9 controls the numbers 3 and 6. And numbers 1, 2, 4 are controlled by number 3
While numbers 8, 7 and 5 are controlled by number 6. In this way number 9 controls all the numbers.
Whether we double or half the numbers, starting from the number 9, we always get the number 9 only. It Implies that number 9 represents itself! Number 9 is present everywhere in the universe!
when we were dividing the circle in half repeatedly, we were reaching the singularity of space. Since every time we got number 9, it means number 9 follows the space up to its singularity.
And when we were increasing the number of sides of the polygon, the polygon was looking like a circle. As the number of sides of the polygon approaches infinity it becomes a circle. As in all the polygons we got number 9, it means number 9 also follows space upto infinity.
So it is clear that number 9 is present from singularity of space to the Infinity of space.
Now I will give you some more examples, that will help you in believing that number 9 exists at all the places in the universe.
speed of light 186282miles/sec=1+8+6+2+8+2=27=2+7=9
Diameter of the earth 7920 miles= 7+9+2+0=18=1+8=9
Diameter of the Sun 864000 miles= 8+6+4+0+0+0=18=1+8=9
Diameter of the Moon 2160 miles= 2+1+6+0=9
Number of planets in our solar system= 9 (controversial)
Does number 9 has any relationship with time also? (They all reduce to 9)
Seconds in one hour 3600
seconds in a day 86400
seconds in a week 604800
seconds in a month 2592000
Seconds in a year 31536000
Minutes in a day 1440
Minutes in a week 10080
Minutes in a month 43200
Minutes in a year 525600
and so on...
It proves that number 9 is present everywhere in space and time and also controls it.
If we talk about Hindu religion, we will find number 9 at different places. like in Om frequency 432 hz and its shape. In 108 sacred number etc.
Number 9 represents everything and also nothingness.
Actually number 9 is same as Number 0 in some sense.
One more thing, As we get 0 on multiplying any number by 0. In the same way we get number 9 as the digital root on multiplying it with number 9.
If we add all the numbers except number 9, that is from number 1 to number 8; the sum reduces to number 9
1 + 2 + 3 + = 36 = 9
Hence we can say that, number 9 represents all the other numbers. It represents itself and also nothingness and everything!!! Number 9 is the king of all the numbers that controls all the other numbers and space time.


"The inspiration and information for this video were taken from https://www.lifecoachcode.com/....2016/10/11/the-secre
originally written by Dejan Davcevski!"

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