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Stress Relief Techniques Qigong in Yosemite


(credits: Holden QiGong) Stressed out? Qigong expert Lee Holden introduces stress relief techniques in Yosemite and Santa Cruz, California, with qigong exercise routines.

This particular stress relief technique is called "Repulse The Monkey". Share this video with anyone you know who could use a stress relief exercise and help them feel better.

Link: https://7mins.holdenqigong.com/5-day

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Stress Relief Technique: Repulse The Monkey qigong exercise
Instructor: Qigong expert Lee Holden
Locations: The Forest of Nicene Marks in Aptos, CA ; Sentinel Dome, Yosemite National Park


(Lee Holden speaking)

"Hey Everyone,

"Welcome to our YouTube Channel.

"My name is Lee Holden.

"We've been filming up and down the coast of California, in the redwoods, and even in Yosemite - all kinds of qigong programs...

"Now these programs are for very condition-specific things - like our most common ailments - like stress, depression, pain in the neck and shoulders, tightness in the low back...
And my goal is to bring qigong in an accessible, easy-to-follow format for you.

"I'm out here in the beautiful Sierras. Gonna show you some stress relief techniques from an ancient practice called qigong. Qi (or chi) means energy. And when we get stressed out, our energy contracts and tightens. This creates a lot of tension, both in the muscles, in the mind, in our emotions. So here's a wonderful technique to clear stress and recharge you for the rest of the day.

"So you're going to take a stance that's about shoulder-width, take a nice deep breath and just settle in, feel grounded and connected. This one is called Repulse The Monkey. Now the monkey is representative to the turbulent thinking in the mind. So here, we're going to get rid of those turbulent thoughts, those stressful thoughts. And this is a great little flowing movement to bring that peace and relaxation into the rest of your day.

"You're gonna turn your hips a little bit and just open your arms. So your mind is open like the sky. Then you're gonna bring this back hand by the ear, push through and clear. Repulse The Monkey. Take a nice deep breath. Mind open like the sky, and then exhale, push through and clear. Inhale, and exhale. Take a nice deep breath, and exhale. This one is also said to bring in creativity, so when we have stress, sometimes our perspective is limited. So here, fill your mind open, and then bring that creativity into any challenging situation. These movements are called flows. And flowing movements are a wonderful way to clear your stress, calm the mind and tap into that innate creativity that we all have inside us.

"Exhale as you push through. Take a nice deep breath, exhale as you push through. A few minutes of Repulse The Monkey (qigong exercise) can transform stress into creativity. You might notice that here I'm standing a little taller, and then here, bend the knees a little bit, and stand just a little bit taller...so the knees and the legs are a little bit "springy”…We’re breathing in sync with the movement...mind open like the sky...pushing through...Do that one more time. Bring your hands down to your side. Take a nice deep breath. Wonderful. Hope you enjoyed that.

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