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The 6 Steps To BOOST BRAIN HEALTH & Reverse Cognitive DECLINE | Dr. Daniel Amen

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On Today's Episode:

You likely dream about success and have a deep desire to earn more money, genuinely help people, and you probably struggle making it happen like many people do. Being low on resilience every time you come against an obstacle or challenge, dealing with high levels of anxiety, and never having enough energy to really execute the way you want to are holding you back.

Before your frustration takes you to the next level, let’s consider poor brain health may be the thing holding you back. You have to optimize your health to be successful, and your brain health is a must.

Dr. Daniel Amen, clinical psychiatrist of the Amen Clinic reveals 7 steps to boost your brain health so you can build a brain that lowers the risk of a poor quality of life, and increases your brain function so you can reach the levels of success and financial rewards you’re looking for.

One of the key takeaways is understanding that feeling down, depleted, moody, and over anxious are not just mental health issues, they are brain health concerns you can address and do something about, starting right now.


0:00 | Introduction to Dr. Daniel Amen
0:25 | Avoid These Risk Factors
24:50 | Break the Mental Illness Loop
32:42 | Create Good Brain Habits
44:13 | Heal Your Past
1:13:30 | Build an Amazing Brain
1:33:20 | Hypnotize Your Brain
1:53:14 | Set Your intentions & Goals


“The weapons of mass destruction are highly processed, pesticide sprayed, high glycemic, low fiber food like substances stored in plastic containers. They’re ruining our health.” [9:38]

“The anxiety that I carry may not be just mine, it may actually come from the experiences of generations.” [25:40]

“The fat on your body is not your friend.” [41:18]

“The past is always connected to the present.” [50:17]

“Contact sports damage the brain about the same as cocaine.” [1:17:44]

“I am not a fan of positive thinking. Positive thinking kills way too many people. I am a fan of accurate thinking.” [1:22:24]

“After looking at the brain I’ve come to realize these are not mental illnesses at all, they’re brain health issues that steal your mind.” [1:33:43]

“You have to tell your brain what you want because it’s always listening.” [1:54:09]

“You only want to love food that loves you back.” [1:58:19]

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