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The Full Rand Paul: On Covid, the Lab Leak, and Anthony Fauci

Sharon Leonard
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(credits: John Stossel) Senator Rand Paul tells me that scientists and government officials worked together to cover up Covid's origin. ————To get our new weekly video from Stossel TV, sign up here: https://www.johnstossel.com/#subscribe————Remember how government officials handled the pandemic? The so-called experts and media made lots of mistakes. Experts told us there was no way it could have leaked from a lab. Senator Rand Paul didn’t believe the experts. Now, his new book, “Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up,” reveals details about the origins of Covid and the government's deceit. “So, evil Chinese scientists in a lab funded by America?” I ask. “It looks like it came from the lab,” Senator Rand Paul tells me. “America funded it. It was maybe not done with evil intentions. It was done with the misguided notion that gain of function research was safe.”In our FULL interview with Senator Rand Paul, we discuss the evidence that Covid came from a lab, Fauci, vaccines, and more.

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