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Tools To Clear Your Triggers & Help The World Awaken

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(get right to the tools at 12:25) Knowing how to quickly clear our triggers is important because we have the ability to transmute the darkness we see in the world in this way. It starts with our individual selves THEN radiates outward. We share 2 tools here that work fast and right in the moment. And to learn more about Ho'o'ponopono, check out this video: ⁣https://tinyurl.com/ho-o-ponopono

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Colorsntrees 1 month ago

Wonderful discussion! Thank You for reminding us of our power. It is so easy to not be aware of it.

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SusanK359 8 months ago

Hi, Glenda and Korina! So great to see your beautiful faces! I can hardly wait to see more of your videos! Thanks for sharing this important information, as I'm sure we all need to know who to identify the triggers we have in order to be the best version of ourselves. 🥰🙏

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