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Vaxxer vs Truther Rap Battle

4,650 Views· 08/23/22
Tiffany Shutes
Tiffany Shutes
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#vaccines #truth #nojab #stand #together

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irsa ghazal
irsa ghazal 3 months ago


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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 6 months ago

Bravo! Great video, fun, informational, and nice touch at the end!!!

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Eva Almendres
Eva Almendres 6 months ago


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Debra Sexton
Debra Sexton 6 months ago

Not a big Rap fan, but this was factual and easy to listen to. Thanks for sharing Tiffany!

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dust 6 months ago

Rap... what an awful way to 'communicate' anything. Nothing can be understood, because more emphasis is placed in the cadence than in the context.
Beside, why The Truth should 'debate' anything? That, stands on His own.

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