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Why Dr. Bryan Ardis Stood Against The Government & Covid

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Dr Bryan Ardis
Dr Bryan Ardis
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Dr. Ardis explain why he stood up against Covid.

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Tamara DeVito
Tamara DeVito 1 year ago

Thank you Dr Ardis for standing up and not backing down. It’s doctors like you that give us hope.

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Become Ungovernable
Become Ungovernable 1 year ago

How tragically Dr. Ardis' life turned out to be! Now we know why he began his extensive investigation into the causes of plandemic  and treatment that killed millions . If only every family would speak out for the loved ones that Big Pharma and doctors have killed like Dr. Ardis did. Then those evil people might soon be punished.

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Diane Rose
Diane Rose 1 year ago

Starting to get the masses to listen. I have been listening to you for awhile and am so impressed with your information!!

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HeidiS 1 year ago

Thankful to Dr.'s who stand up for truth!

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Dianne Doughty
Dianne Doughty 1 year ago

Thank you Dr. Ardis for producing this video. I am going to send this video to a hospital in Winston Salem because I have proof their hospital protocol that you have described caused my husbands death. I saw your video about six weeks after my husband passed away. I have just recently received a letter that they now want me to pay his hospital bills. I believe your comments should help me win my case. Thanks again!

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