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What I Tell My Children

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Del Bigtree
Del Bigtree
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FreedomFriends 3 months ago

So beautiful.

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Fran Gourdet
Fran Gourdet 6 months ago

Amen and Amen! I'm reminded of that seen in the semi-biographical movie, "Roots," where Kunte Kinta holds up his daughter, Kizzie to the night sky and says, "Kizzie, Behold! The only thing greather than yourself." A good tradition. Every family should welcome each child into the world like this (and believe it!).

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Diane Rose
Diane Rose 9 months ago

Eye opener!

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Sofia Bee
Sofia Bee 9 months ago

Valuable lesson to us ❤

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Joyce Becker
Joyce Becker 9 months ago

Children raised with this philosophy will provide a positive contribution to humanity.

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