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X-File Tells About Covid Before it Happens

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⁣X-Files Predicts the Future: Deep State Tells Hollywood
It’s really the Deep (Satanic) State that for decades gives Hollywood what to write about; the key things that they plan to do to us. You can see this in many films. It was the CIA that encouraged spy films like James Bond. The purpose is to give a good image to the CIA, when, in reality they cause trouble throughout the world. This episode of X-File is real revealing – talking about Covid but using a different name, of course.

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Debra Sexton
Debra Sexton 2 years ago

Going on for years and years under the guise of "entertainment"-telling us all exactly what the plan is, which is horrifyingly happening right now.

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revealedforyou 2 years ago

That's true.

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