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A Conversation Like No Other: The Unexpected Visit - Dr Rashid A Buttar

Dr Rashid A Buttar
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I never thought I would ever have an experience like this, leave alone one where it was actually audio recorded. But something out of this world happened on Dec 12, 2022 which I have no choice but to share with you. Please watch the entire thing because otherwise, certain parts may not make any sense. The ending and the Q and A's were very illustrative at pointing out some of the things that were potentially confusing.

I am grateful to the Creator Almighty for allowing me to have this opportunity, and to Christian G. and his assistant Regina for facilitating all they did in order for the experience to unfold and be recorded as it did. I believe it was as much to their surprise as it was to mine.

For those who did not register for the original webinar, the description is below. Although originally it was only going to stay up for 24 hours, I have been asked over and over again, to leave this up. It's taken us a bit to time to get the final edited anyway. So now, Jan 1, 2023, this video goes live.

Please, share this with everyone you know. Because mankinds future is dependent on the message shared at the end. You determine if it resonates with you or not.

Original Webinar Description:
Title: ⁣"Critical Message Beyond Life and Death"

⁣Some of you know what happened to Dr. Buttar since September. But what most don't know, is what happened beginning on Dec 11, 2022. Everything intensified and a Journey began on that day. On Dec 12, 2022, the impossible (in Dr. Buttar's own words) happened.

On Dec 14th, and since, multiple things occurred confirming the Dec 12th experience. On Dec 18 and again today, Dec 19, it was revealed that all will be resolved by Dec 22, 2022. It makes no difference as to the type of treatments, IV's, protocols, therapies or whatever else he does. It is only happening because the Creator has so willed it.

On Dec 28, 2022, you will bear witness. You will hear the most profound and important words ever to come out of Dr. Rashid A Buttar's mouth. This will be a webinar that will explain much that may be confusing, cover some of the most critical information you need to know about vaccines, the fraud being committed against human kind, and the implications not to the temporary body, but to the eternal soul that are at the core of the hidden agenda.

This will not be like any other webinar you've heard. It will not be like any other webinar that will be held in the future. Some will be shocked and heed the message. Others won't believe it. And yet others will think Dr Buttar has lost his mind.

But he does NOT care what you think. You’ll understand why on Dec 28th. It will only be up for 24 hours. Watch it, or don't. The choice is yours. But the message will be loud and clear!

Share with the world!

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Zoltan Nagy

1 year ago
It is really sad, sad, sad!

What you have just listened to was a Post-Hypnotic session. If you will listen to the details for whole recorded session again, you will notice that Dr. Rashid's physical body went under a PDH (Pain Drog Hypnosis). It is most certainly happened earlier in his military years. It did not happen in present time (at the time of the recorded session). It was merely dramatized the time of the session - 12 12 2022.

PDH is used by CIA, KGB, Mosad, etc., and other agencies to program people for certain tasks. This is a very brutal method of hypnosis . I know they used it in USSR, now current Ukraine all the time on targets. I had patients, who I audited and helped to get thru of this kind of trauma and also de-program the hypnotic trans that was implanted by the certain agency. So when I listened to the taped session it was obvious to me, this is one of the case. Unfortunately Dr. Rashid was not assisted with the experts he should have needed for this specific case (Christian G. and his assistant Regina), although they – I beleivé, wanted to help him with a true heart.

What I said is not invalidating what Dr. Rashid told about the love and care and his true intent helping the mankind in this critical situation. He was brave and a good guy. But this was his Karma. Condolences To The Grieving Family and friends!
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Ty Chang

1 year ago
This video is truly powerful. I've watched the entire video and want to watch it again for a second time. I would love to know what plant he's talking about or how I could try this experience. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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Fara Iver

1 year ago
There are many gods. I don’t think Dr Butar is crazy at all. According to the Bible He says is He is the One True God. That Jesus is His Son & the only way to the One True God. I sincerely hope dr B. called upon Jesus
Gods One & Only Son 🙏
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1 year ago
Dr Rashid A Buttar served beyond well We miss you dearly and listening to your voice and messages are comforting. God keep you under His wing and help you comfort your family and guide us on Earth to continue the fight in your name. RIP devoted servant
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Maryam Sukaynah

1 year ago
Can we at least have an ADVANCED MED CONFERENCE online so that all the speakers do their presentation through a webinar virtually instead?
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