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A Conversation Like No Other: The Unexpected Visit - Dr Rashid A Buttar

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Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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I never thought I would ever have an experience like this, leave alone one where it was actually audio recorded. But something out of this world happened on Dec 12, 2022 which I have no choice but to share with you. Please watch the entire thing because otherwise, certain parts may not make any sense. The ending and the Q and A's were very illustrative at pointing out some of the things that were potentially confusing.

I am grateful to the Creator Almighty for allowing me to have this opportunity, and to Christian G. and his assistant Regina for facilitating all they did in order for the experience to unfold and be recorded as it did. I believe it was as much to their surprise as it was to mine.

For those who did not register for the original webinar, the description is below. Although originally it was only going to stay up for 24 hours, I have been asked over and over again, to leave this up. It's taken us a bit to time to get the final edited anyway. So now, Jan 1, 2023, this video goes live.

Please, share this with everyone you know. Because mankinds future is dependent on the message shared at the end. You determine if it resonates with you or not.

Original Webinar Description:
Title: ⁣"Critical Message Beyond Life and Death"

⁣Some of you know what happened to Dr. Buttar since September. But what most don't know, is what happened beginning on Dec 11, 2022. Everything intensified and a Journey began on that day. On Dec 12, 2022, the impossible (in Dr. Buttar's own words) happened.

On Dec 14th, and since, multiple things occurred confirming the Dec 12th experience. On Dec 18 and again today, Dec 19, it was revealed that all will be resolved by Dec 22, 2022. It makes no difference as to the type of treatments, IV's, protocols, therapies or whatever else he does. It is only happening because the Creator has so willed it.

On Dec 28, 2022, you will bear witness. You will hear the most profound and important words ever to come out of Dr. Rashid A Buttar's mouth. This will be a webinar that will explain much that may be confusing, cover some of the most critical information you need to know about vaccines, the fraud being committed against human kind, and the implications not to the temporary body, but to the eternal soul that are at the core of the hidden agenda.

This will not be like any other webinar you've heard. It will not be like any other webinar that will be held in the future. Some will be shocked and heed the message. Others won't believe it. And yet others will think Dr Buttar has lost his mind.

But he does NOT care what you think. You’ll understand why on Dec 28th. It will only be up for 24 hours. Watch it, or don't. The choice is yours. But the message will be loud and clear!

Share with the world!

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Michael Adams
Michael Adams 1 month ago

What Americans are systematically prohibited from understanding is that democracy, Natural Democracy, operates as a cooperative precursor by some specific species. Thus, if we want to cure our species, this is the door that ALL of humanity must walk through, for it is the Creator's own template for our social regulation co-opted and dysregulated to serve the world's actual minority we call the oligarchy. It is the disinfectant that we MUST aspire to if we are to re-harmonize our planetary environment and save our species. It's simply what we MUST do given that despite our current corrupt narratives about it, "We the People" are the only ones that have the exclusive right and power vested in us by Cosmic Law to "change or abolish government"! (The DOI)

The Universal Mind, or what some may call God, is literally waiting for us to turn inward and be guided, not simply by the Force of numbers, but by the Force of Cosmic Law! Why?

Because "The Force of Democracy is always with the governed." - David Hume (1711-1776)

This is why despite ignorance and bewilderment on the part of the masses, the historical oligarchy nevertheless has found it necessary to do shape-shifting "resets" to stay ahead of that Force!

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Janice Brooker
Janice Brooker 1 month ago

God guides us to our destination from the moment we are born. And when he speaks to us as children we hear him. For most we lose that ability. Usually through our teachings. I remember vividly that I wanted to be a vet when I was a little girl of 3. God told me I would be a mother instead. I dedicated my life to my children. And now I have 14 grandchildren. They are the only reason I am where I am today. Spreading the word of truth and doing everything I can to educate myself on what they have done to our bodies. I have 4 wild gnomes and I think some of them were inherited from three generations ago. I believe that all of the hidden miracles of medicine that God put here to protect us from their poisons are the beautiful plants. Right now I'm looking into Shankhpushpi, Lions mane and wormwood to restore our minds and body and to clean the wild gnomes attached to our DNA. Two of the gnomes that are attached to mine are apparently affecting almost 2/3rds of humanity already. Mostly women. I am mostly Native American and until my grandparents generation my people lived well into their 90's. Now we are lucky to get to mid 70's. Our family on both sides also have extreme IQ's of 130 to 174 and some of the wild gnomes are associated with retardation and mental illness. And muscle issues. My family comes from superior stock physically until me. I have prayed and spoke to God to show me to the path of fixing my DNA so that I may know myself as he created me not the way they tried to create me. I will not hide who I am nor will I be ashamed of what he has shown me. I pledged that I would find the path and now I share this with whoever is willing to listen and look for themselves. Our DNA that they are trying to destroy is what keeps us connected to each other and God. Our minds are the energy that carries the message to each other and allows us to hear God and each other. You have no idea what we can do when we clean our DNA of the devils work. It is a beautiful thing. God speed to all of God's children.

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Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar 1 month ago

You are exactly where God wanted you to be 🙂👌👍

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Michael Olson
Michael Olson 1 month ago

Dear Rashid,
I have been interested in your work ever since I heard about your cure of the New England Patriot Cheerleader who was vaccine injured way back when. forgive me but I don't recall the exact year or her name. I joined IADFW as a lifetime member a couple years ago too. I live with my wife and son in Greensboro , North Carolina. Back on August 6, 2021 It was demanded on me by my employer's C.E.O " the Demon" Scott Kirby at United Airlines to get the Covid shots or be fired. I mailed a religious exemption that same day to the General Counsel at United Airlines and was fired 6 days after it was delivered after a gaslighting job by H.R. demons and local management at the Washington Dulles Airport where I worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Tech.
I express my free will in writing in the form of a notarized Religious Exemption and was terminated after working for United Airlines for over 20 years full time. God spoke to me in a very vivid dream shortly after I was fired. I actually believe I met Jesus in my dream and the intensity of the love in that meeting in my dream was so intense I almost could not handle it and Jesus knew it. As his image came into view Jesus face looked just as I have always seen it in photos and he spoke telepathically and he had one thing to say to me. Jesus told me. "Everything was going to be alright". I had a feeling of great love as you experienced and Jesus seemed to know I was having a rough time experiencing this and sent me back very quickly. I woke up and was totally freaked out but not in a bad way. It was beyond my ability to explain. You know what I mean... God is so powerful. I had a new job through divine intervention within days only 9 miles from my home, so no more 300 mile commute to Dulles Airport and nobody wore masks or demanded Covid Jabs, there were at least 6 other technicians who had quit other jobs because their former employers made unlawful demands to get the bio-weapon shots. We have a lawsuit against United Airlines with a group of 2000 people called Airline Employees for Health Freedom or website www.AE4HF.org and the lawsuit is going well in our favor. I prayed for protection Psalm 91 and weeks later found out from co-workers who still work at United Airlines that God struck down with freak accidents those who oppressed me at work. That in itself is a unbelievable story. Thank you for sharing your experience It was intense.
Michael Olson

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Water 1 month ago

Bravo and well done! Keep going bro!

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Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar 1 month ago

Great story. And inspirational. Well done indeed!

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Rosy 1 month ago

Dear Dr Buttar. I love you.
Thank you for sharing your intimacy with God . You have brought God's magic closer to me in some beautiful mysterious way. I am terrified of what I want the most ... surrender to the divine in me . Somehow you have eased my resistance and I feel more freedom to gently be me.

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Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar 1 month ago

I didn't ease your resistance....🙂. That was the Creator within you, the part that is always connected to Source. But thank you for the credit. God is SO INCREDIBLY Great! For everyone reading this, remember to "feel free to gently be yourself" 🙂. That is you exercising your free will.

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John Mirror
John Mirror 2 months ago

I am a small man in a big world,
I am a poem in progress,
in a world mostly unfulfilled,
darkened, deafened, blinded, lied to
and poor, greedy burning hungry
for a shred of solace,
a hug or,
a blessing.

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