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"Myocarditis: Once Rare, Now Common" - Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD Explains

Dr Rashid A Buttar
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⁣"Myocarditis: Once Rare, Now Common". ⁣Dr. Levy practiced cardiology for many years prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, and he almost never saw myocarditis show up in his patients. Now, Dr. Levy says “We have a brand new entity since the pandemic started, and that’s the COVID spike protein and/or the spike protein produced from the (mRNA) COVID vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

Pilots were broadly mandated to get the COVID mRNA vaccines, and Dr. Levy and the US Freedom Flyers are demanding that the FAA and the airlines assume the responsibility they took upon themselves with those mandates.

Unfortunately, Dr. Levy explained, it turns out that those with long-haul COVID, along with a number of individuals who have only received the vaccine, have a persistence of spike protein inside their bodies. The spike protein is toxic and manages to effectively reproduce itself.

There are now a substantial number of people who have low-grade myocarditis, according to Dr. Levy although exact numbers are difficult to come by. Many of those people feel perfectly fine. They would only know that they have low-grade myocarditis by testing for Troponin T levels levels, discovering that they’re elevated. For traditional myocarditis, one needs to have a certain level of elevated troponin in order to be diagnosed with myocarditis, even though NO amount of elevated Troponin T can be considered “normal.”

Dr. Levy explained that combined with the fact that the spike protein causes inflammation by attaching to receptors on the blood vessels in the heart, this makes the heart prone to blood clots. The way to track this is by another test called a D-Dimer test, which measures whether and how much one’s body is continuing to break down blood clots that have already formed.

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1 year ago
Amazing information.....really great video
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John Mirror

1 year ago
Jesus Christ, quotes from Messages:
- Use the remedies of Heaven given by My Mother!
(Book: Natural Herbs and Remedies Given by the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Treatment of Diseases, Plagues, Emergencies and Pandemics)
- Money will no longer be as you know it now!
- For those vaccinated so as not to die but also for hemorrhagic diseases, use Good Friday Oil, exorcised water and prayer to My Blood, no plague or virus resists against My Blood, Good Samaritan's Holy Oil, for viruses, bacteria, chemicals in the air, etc. Holy Archangel Michael's Oil for skin diseases, etc (geranium). Whole Fumitory plant.
- Grapes Blessed in case of famine, war, pandemics, collapse of economy, disappearance of money or communism (one of Satan's arms).
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John Mirror

1 year ago
Humanity, you have been Warned!

In the message addressed to Father Michel Rodrigue, the Heavenly Father says:
"Satan will attack the physical body of My children...
Satan, through his puppets who rule the world, wants to inoculate you with his venom.
He will push his hatred against you to the point of a compulsory imposition that will not take into account your freedom.
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John Mirror

1 year ago
The Prophet Emmanuel Makadiywa, 2015
Said, "China, China, there, from the sea, we must pray. In 2016 and 2017 he said ...


In February 2020 he said ... "The cure exists, Norolon (CHLOROQUINE), they will not give it but will give something else.
They are not humans, they are reptiles.
They are preparing a vaccine for all mankind, 5G networks are not ready around the world.
They want control over humanity, they want to start with Africa again, fighting for the Soul.

In November 2020 said ... Through vaccine DNA can be altered. God loves us all and waits for us to speak to Him.
But you can't pray anymore! You're disconnected! You can't call God anymore!
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1 year ago
It is so good to hear stories like Dr. Levy. I look forward to hearing him speak at the conference in May. Thank you, Dr. Buttar for bringing this to the people!
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