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Tammy Healy, Emily Hernandez & Natalia Loyola- _Are you an American or a US Citizen__.mp4

Grace Asagra
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Tammy Healy, Emily Hernandez & Natalia Loyola- _Are you an American or a US Citizen__.mp4

⁣Quantum Nurse [a]www.quantumnurse.life[/a] presents on

Wednesday, January 11,
2023 @ 3:00 PM EST 8:00 PM UK

Guests: Tammy Healy, Emily
Hernandez & Natalia Loyola

Topic: Are you an American or U.S. Citizen?




Brief Bios:


Tammy Healy
is a mother of four and wife for over 18 yrs. She began her journey as a
freedom fighter and truth seeker after an adverse reaction from a flu vaccine
during her first pregnancy. From that experience, she became a strong activist
for medical freedom by attending many protests, corresponding with legislators
and helping candidates with their campaigns who supported medical freedom. After
the 2020 elections she embarked on an incredible journey of discovery which
lead her to the truth she will be presenting with Emily today.

Emily Hernandez

My name is Emily Hernandez and I am a declared American on
the land and soil. I am also The New Jersey Assembly Coordinator on the
land and soil jurisdiction and a RN in a small community hospital for 23
years. My lifelong goal is to help return our lawful American government
of We the People as it was set up by the Founding Fathers after the War of

Natalia Loyola

was born and raised in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. In 2005 I received my bachelor
of philology degree from I. I. Mechnikov National University,
Odessa, Ukraine and started to work as an elementary school teacher. In
2009 I got married and moved to Florida where my husband lived at that time (he
refused to relocate to Ukraine). We've started a family. Our son Myles was born
in August 2010 and a few months later our home was sold at the bank
foreclosures sale. Going through those tough times made me open my eyes and
wake up to the facts of what's really going on in this country. Being a
solution oriented woman and knowing American history I kept searching for
solutions and freedom loving people that have courage to make necessary
changes to bring this beautiful country back on track as was intended by the
Founding Fathers. In 2021 living in Sparta, New Jersey and working in New York
City I was lucky to find out about Anna Von Reitz and all 50 states
assemblies. In May 2021 I declared myself an American and joined The New
Jersey Assembly.





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