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The 144,000. Book of Revelations

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Have you ever pondered who are the 144,000 referred to in the book of Revelations?

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KD1979 11 months ago

Amazing Explanation! Love this video! Thank you for sharing! Great job on the video!

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John Hryn
John Hryn 11 months ago

Silly little snakes trying to fool the Creator. The tragedy is theirs.

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Heidi Dean Wilcox
Heidi Dean Wilcox 12 months ago

That is very interesting. I never heard this before.

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SusanK359 12 months ago

I had heard when I was younger from a member of the Latter-Day-Saints that the 144,000 was too indicate the specific number of those who would enter into eternity with our Creator. In my mind that number always seemed too small. Could it be that it means that those who have not had the mRna technology inserted into them, are the ones to enter into that journey with the Creator. Definitely things that make you go ... Hmmm 🤔

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Jacinta Sterling
Jacinta Sterling 12 months ago

Interesting, the Satanists always tell you what they are about to do! I understand from elsewhere that the genome is the signature of YeHoVaH with his name inscribed on each gene. So it makes sense that the Satanists would want to own the genome.

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