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Video 1 of 11 - 2023 AMC Conference: Dr Bruce Lipton with Dr Rashid A Buttar

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Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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⁣On May 27-29, 2023 in St. Louis, MO, the 5th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference (AMC) will be held. Dr Bruce Lipton will be one of the speakers at the 5th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference along with Dr. Rashid A Buttar. ⁣This is Video 1 of the 11 videos serving as the pre-conference videos for the 5th Annual ⁣Advanced Medicine Conference.

This video provides some incredible historical information regarding evolution and straightens out much of the murky past of Darwin, Wallace and a number of other "naturalists" of the era. Don't miss this incredible dialogue between two great friends who have impacted the science of medicine.

Remember, the ⁣5th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference will be held over Memorial Day Weekend, from May 27th (Saturday morning) until May 29th (Monday until noon), 2023 in St. Louis, Missouri. Get your tickets today at www.AdvancedMedicineConference.com. For followers of Dr. Lipton, enter the code DrLipton on check out to get an additional discount on your tickets.

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jerseymame976 7 days ago

Thank you Dr. Lipton for speaking on awaking part of the mind to being alive, healthy. " We are creators for what we want to create, " Dr. Buttar. "Free healing," Dr. Lipton. Self -empowerment!
I absolutely cannot wait for the information that was planned to be brought out, to come out. The information that has been hidden from us will come forward. I look forward to a future conference, about this information! Love and light to all of us!

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Madeline Melo
Madeline Melo 8 days ago

God Speed Dr. Buttar. I only hope that tge opportunity for everyone who had planned on speaking during this conference will get together and put an event that is going to be even bigger than the one that was planned for this weekend in your honor Dr. Buttar. Thank you Dr Lipton for all your knowledge... I have been following you for years as well. My prayers go out to everyone who loved Dr. Buttar... this world just isn't the same.

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Debra Sexton
Debra Sexton 9 days ago

LOVE Dr. Bruce Lipton and hearing Dr. Buttar in this interview! Have followed him and read his books for years <3

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Maryam Sukaynah
Maryam Sukaynah 12 days ago

My belief in prayer has taught me the things both these great doctors are discussing in this interview. I have bought and half read the book The Biology of Belief❤️

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Gayle 13 days ago

This was so interesting. Thank you.

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