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'Lefties losing it': Dr Jordan Peterson gives 'masterclass in lefty annihilation'

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard
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Once again, Sky News Australia does a superb job of reporting on the ridiculous happenings of today's current 'climate' ...(credits: Sky News Australia) Dr Jordan B Peterson has given a “masterclass in lefty annihilation” to YouTuber Destiny, also known as Steven Bonnell, says Sky News host Rita Panahi.“After this, he might change his name to ‘depressy’,” she said.“It was a wide-ranging debate about religion, big government big pharma and climate change.“Here Dr Peterson explains what the climate catastrophists do – their communist-like compassion narrative which is anything but.”"Isn't he magnificent?"

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Jacinta Sterling
Jacinta Sterling 19 days ago

I just love Jordan Peterson! They cannot defend the hoax that they have being trying to put in place. Congress woman don't know the difference between a man and a woman? A child has to tell her? Wait a minute, is 'she' a woman or a man?

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 19 days ago

Yes, so true, congress is being exposed as the many morons that have been put in office, who literally will not speak the truth in front of them.

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