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⁣'mRNA' "Vaccine Venom Cover-Up" Part-1 | Dr Ardis & Dr. Braun

Chieko Homan
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June 10, 2023

In episode 1, Dr. Bryan Ardis and Dr. Tau Braun share their detailed discoveries regarding COVID 19, and the substance that is really the driving force of this "viruses" symptoms and mortality rate.

Many people are now suing the government as their Constitutional Rights are unlawfully being stripped away.

You can also watch this on UI Media Network, https://www.uimedianetwork.com/28761/detox.htm

This is a must watch episode that gives hope, education and empowerment to take control of our own health! Please subscribe to The Dr. Ardis Show at... https://thedrardisshow.com/ for updates, supplements and protocols.

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