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3 things you DON'T KNOW happen to YOUR BODY under anesthesia (and HACKS TO FIX in 2023!)

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When calling my patient before surgery this week, she told me “if only I had known my body was going to have a tube down my throat!”

Anesthesia can be scary and anxiety provoking because you’re giving up control of your body, sometimes your whole body, so that you can undergo the totally unnatural state of surgery.

This can be lifesaving, but it also means unusual things are happening to your body while you’re in the medically induced, anesthesia coma.

Anesthesia TURNS OFF your body’s reflexes so your body can safely undergo surgery. Otherwise, you might have a heart attack, stroke, or kick your doctors during surgery.

Here are 3 things my patients don’t know happens to them under general anesthesia.

This is important because learning about it can help you prepare for it. And the more prepared you are, the safer, smoother, and more comfortable your surgery and recovery can be! You can also lower the chance of anesthesia complications.

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