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Clay Clark Accuses Dr Buttar of Being A Racist - Hilarious Review of Current Events

3,588 Views· 08/28/22
Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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This video was recorded on Saturday, August 27, 2022. It is funny and informative. Discussed on this video are the Mueller era report which was finally released after 2 years of battles to get it released, the DHS Disinfromation Board finally being buried and the actual plan of how the dark side plans on rolling things out. Watch this video. Clay Clark is hilarious!

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DetoxGal 7 months ago

Great truth video. Truth always wins in the end

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John Hern
John Hern 7 months ago

The devil has no power, only the power we give him. We are fortunate to have Dr. Buttar and Clay among many others who are working tirelessly and giving thier time to promote truth. Fear also has no power other than the power we give it.

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F Gans
F Gans 7 months ago

Great video. Clay is so funny!!! THANK YOU Dr. Buttar for doing the Q&A with him. And THANK YOU for mentioning the book: “Outwitting the Devil: The Secrets to Freedom and Success” by Napoleon Hill. This sounds like a fantastic book for these times. I plan to order it.

Another book I have found to be very helpful in these times is “Gratitude Works!: A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity” by Robert A. Emmons. I am already a very grateful person – speaking it and thinking it many many times a day. I started a gratitude journal several months ago, and have found that the act of hand writing out my gratitude slows me down to go more deeply into gratitude. Another concept that is contained in this book is doing different gratitude perspectives on different days – kind of shakes things up a bit. (Like writing somebody a gratitude letter, saying what people you are grateful for that day and why, writing about different perspectives on a challenging experience you have had that you still dwell on, etc….) Dr Emmons also has a number of gratitude study results included in this book which are quite fascinating.

Good news is that since I started my gratitude journal my positive manifestations are back to where they were before all the covid adventures. This was my goal to start with!

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Oceanoflove 7 months ago

Watch the you tube video "SATANS NAME IS GOD PART one"
We're not in the end days...we are in the END OF THE END DAYS..
WATCH on you tube "JESUS 666
watch the you tube video
"Is Satan the lord gad"
You know everyone here is a lover of the truth as I am...that's why we love doctor Buttar so much...
Mark Twain once said...
"It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled"
All of you HAVE WAY UNDERESTIMATED THE ENEMY..SATAN IS SLICKER THAN YOU THINK..He has fooled the whole world..so while Doctor Buttar wants to save your doomed flesh and bone...I want to save your potentially eternal spirit and soul...And lastly youtube "the NATSARIM the documentary "....we are the elect the chosen the approved IN the END DAYS days...not catholics or Christians or any other world religion...
they are all doomed to perish ...and as a bonus watch the YouTube video
"MATTHEW 7:13-23 PROOF why all catholics and Christians will SURELY perish "...much love your way greg of the NATSARIM
And thank you Dr. Buttar for your heart filled endless efforts to bring the world into the truth..we both are on the same mission

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suem60 7 months ago

Great news, the house of cards are starting to fall 1 by 1. I agree @lindaolneysikes more powerful with humour! Clay Clark is soo funny, love the flow btwn Clay and Dr B it is just so smooth and honest, no script, just pure honesty!!

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