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Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, A True American Hero - Dr Rashid A Buttar

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Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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⁣In September 2015, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn meets Donald Trump. once becoming president, President Trump makes general Flynn his national security advisor. As the witchhunt begins going after President Trump, various myths beginn to be created including the now clearly debunked Russia collusion BS. But the facts or the truth did not matter to the main stream media.

Using general Flynn as a pawn in there political intimidation tactics, the head of the FBI went after General Michael Flynn. As a result, a man who was recognized his entire professional military career as having served his nation with the distinction and having always put the rule of law first, was unfairly targeted and ultimately imprisoned for an extended period of time.

Even the special counsel appointed by the DOJ recognize the general Flynn cooperated and recommended no jail time. But the agenda was not justice. The agenda was to intimidate and create an illusion of something that happened, that simply had not. There was no Russian collusion. it was all fabricated by reports that were known by the FBI to be utterly false.

Watch this video and you'll be shocked at the ending, showing just how corrupt our political machinery and welonization of the media have become. in this instance, a true American hero was villainized and demonized for only doing one thing, telling the truth and serving his nation.

Becoming a three star general is not an easy feat. But reaching that point in one's career and maintaining their integrity and never losing sight of their responsibility to their soldiers and to the nation that they serve, even when being villainized and demonized and ultimately being falsely imprisoned, and never once denouncing the system or the nation that sacrificed him, that is a true hero.

To you General Flynn, on behalf of all who have served our great nation and on behalf of all patriots, and on behalf of the idiots in our great nation who do not know the truth or tefuse to search for the facts and fail to recognize how you have sacrificed so much for them to be free, I thank you for your service and I salute you Sir!

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ADRIENNE GROTE 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing this

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Jacinta Sterling
Jacinta Sterling 4 months ago

Thank God for men like General Flynn who will stand for freedom and justice and uphold the constitution in our corrupt, putrid society. There are so many treasonous individuals in our government, it's time for the guillotine!

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Arlene Coffey, CDT, LD
Arlene Coffey, CDT, LD 4 months ago

So thankful, for men like this🥰🙌❤️

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Smack1972 4 months ago

The oncologist surgeon I have been referred to supports Covid vaccination. I don’t trust a surgeon infected with stupidity to treat my possible neoplasticism lesion along my right lateral chest wall from a nodular melanoma I had removed last year

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Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar 3 months ago

I would have to agree with you!

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Dr, Neera Darvish
Dr, Neera Darvish 4 months ago

This was an incredible interview! I’m adding it to home school curriculum. The crystal statue award from the FBI James Comey to General Flynn was such an impactful, moving visual representation of what this fight for America was really about. Thank you for your amazing work Dr. Buttar.

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