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More Than 3 Years BEFORE MSM - Dr Rashid A Buttar

31,314 Views· 05/01/23
Dr Rashid A Buttar
Dr Rashid A Buttar
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More than 3 years before the main stream media was willing to confront the truth behind COVID, Dr Buttar told the world the truth. But as many times in history, the truth was censored. All truths go through 3 phases: first, ridicule, then violent opposition and finally, acceptence as if it has always been known to be the truth.

Dr Buttar to this day is referred to as a "conspiracy theorist" physician. But as we're witnessing, the difference between a "conspiracy" and reality, appears to be approximately 3 years. Watch this video. Then share it far and wide with family and friends, neighbors and co-workers. Do not be passive. It's time for everyone to become more active and participate in the awakening taking place now.

Additionally, consider attending the 5th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference where Dr. Buttar, along with another dozen or so incredible and well respected researchers and physicians, will provide you with life changing information.

The conference is always held over Memorial Day Weekend, this year falling on the weekend of May 27th to May 29th, 2023 and will be held in St. Louis, Missouri.

Visit www.AdvancedMedicineConference.com and get your tickets today. And on checkout, enter DrButtar to enjoy an additional 10% discount on the tickets.

But for even a bigger discount,

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Charlotte Bice
Charlotte Bice 3 months ago

Loved this one!

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Christine Lewis
Christine Lewis 3 months ago

A true warrior for truth! Courageous warrior! Thank you for all you did for so many! 💔

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Adema Kovac
Adema Kovac 4 months ago

I was watching you from the beginning Dr. Buttar. Huge lost for humanity. I love you brother, and thank you for everything, for all your hard work. It’s greatly appreciated. You will be remembered as our HERO! You sacrifice your life for our well being. Rest in peace brother! 😭💔

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Colorsntrees 4 months ago

I still get so overwhelmed with sadness & anger when it all hits me once again. Such a great man, KILLED, so many innocents KILLED & will the guilty ever pay? ANY of them!?

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Wilena Jackson
Wilena Jackson 4 months ago

Word can not express what I felt when I read that a very unique, compassionate, worthy of truth to make a difference by sharing his knowledge which inspired me and many others has passed.. my heart goes out to his family and the ones who supported him .. Love you Dr. Butter.. YOU WERE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH AND LEFT A LOT OF INSPIRATION, SUPPORT AND LOVE THAT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN..

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