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Turn Trash into Food!

55 Views· 08/20/22
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composting has been such an eye opener. converting what once was "trash" to bio organic food for my food. game changer!

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Jacinta Sterling
Jacinta Sterling 4 months ago

I do the same thing! I throw the leftovers and scraps into the soil and cover it with new soil

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Larry Hudson
Larry Hudson 5 months ago

Compost yes.

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Debra Sexton
Debra Sexton 6 months ago

Such a great idea and good for the earth, animals and plants! Thanks for sharing!

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Linda Olney Sikes
Linda Olney Sikes 7 months ago

I throw mine out to the possum & wild rabbits but this is a good idea too!

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Ann Catherine Briddell
Ann Catherine Briddell 7 months ago

Me too, me too. I compost everything. ??It really isn’t garbage ‘til you throw it away??

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