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My “Covid”Journey

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just a video to introduce myself slightly and a brief description of what happened to me when i spoke out against COVID while working in healthcare. Gratitude towards Dr. Buttar

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Tamara DeVito

1 year ago
Stay strong May!! Sending love and support your way. Lean on us, we are here for you.
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2 years ago
Hold 🤍 Thank You for your service .
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2 years ago
May stay strong. Praying for Devine intervention for you
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Fran Lauricello

2 years ago
Sending you hugs, love, and support, May. So proud of you for standing your ground. We are all with you. Stay strong!
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Kathleen Rae

2 years ago
May, I can’t imagine the trauma you’ve experienced. You are in my prayers ?
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