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CrowdPoint Introduction

⁣Digital Securities that act like coins!
The race to develop a new, unique, reliable and regulated digital security with low
volatility has prompted the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange (CBEX) to
scale the link between technology and mainstream investment regulatory processes. It
has created a NextGen blockchain to power an elegant new wave of stablecoins
backed by commodities and assets. CBEX is a cohesive interdisciplinary group of
interrelated and interdependent fintech companies
⁣Blockchain Ecosystem = BE

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Riley Jackson

2 years ago
Join us and be the change the world needs.
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2 years ago
Thanks for the easy to understand description of the Vogon Blockchain. I love how you are able to simply the description to help myself and others understand this technology.
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Viktoriya Hopperstad

2 years ago
Fascinating! I am in!
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Kathleen Rae

2 years ago
Sean, excellent description of what is coming with the Vogon blockchain!
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