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How To Make Money with Blockchain?

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once we claim our decentralized ID we can collect together as powerful buying groups to negotiate massive discounts and value! power to the crwd

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Réne  / Rainy Girard
Réne / Rainy Girard 7 months ago

You lost me. Why do you and your buddies need to get together and drink your existing bourbon before getting on a zoom call with a new-to-you bourbon company? Also, unless you represent a potential large volume of sales, why would a company exec take the time to do that plus offer you free samples or discounts?

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TAP18 7 months ago

Hey Hunter, great to see your videos here!! Best of luck, you’re a natural in front of the camera!

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Laura Stafford
Laura Stafford 7 months ago

Thank you Hunter, it sounds so simple

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 7 months ago

Thank you for this clear, informative explanation!

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