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What Should I Eat?!

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with so much noise our there about diets and ideologies it is hard to know how to eat. i went through those struggles too and decided to look back at history and review how our ancestors lived BEFORE all the noise

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Charm Darragh
Charm Darragh 6 months ago

Well said Hunter! I too learned the hard way through trial and error.

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John Hryn
John Hryn 8 months ago

That was a brilliant experience to share Hunter. Actually conforming the so called science on various new diet structures, you end up back to what we leaarned years ago, there is no replacement for a full circle diet as history has assured. They were basically organic and wholesome and diversified.

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LindaN 10 months ago

I strongly agree!

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Jules 1 year ago

I agree 100%

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Rsekerski 1 year ago

I go vegan on occasion, but the bloating always brings me back to farm-fresh meats. Buying local or growing your own is the key to quality though.

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DigitalOilHunter 1 year ago

Yes or verified regenerative I can trust too

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